Reception by Kenzie Jennings REVIEW [on METASTELLAR]

My review of Kenzie Jenning's debut horror novel Reception is on Metastellar here. Here is an excerpt: [...] I didn't like the main character too much. This isn't a make or break it with me, but as time went on her snarky attitude and coarse understanding of the world allowed her honest moments with her … Continue reading Reception by Kenzie Jennings REVIEW [on METASTELLAR]

The Creators Perspective

A few days ago, I had the honor of being asked and welcomed to appear on The Way Of The Fat Dragon Podcast with Rocky Montgommery. Those that have paid attention and followed my work for a while now will know that Rocky and I had on multiple occasions collaborated within many different mediums. We … Continue reading The Creators Perspective

Genre: Urban Arts (Index) for 2019

EDIT on 9/20/2020: It turns out that the Genre Urban Arts publisher and website has without warning taken down all posts and works from any previous contributor. The following links are no longer valid. EDIT on 12/26/2019: This is everything that I've published with GUA for 2019. Please enjoy. Any and all typos or mistakes … Continue reading Genre: Urban Arts (Index) for 2019