The Poets Symphony

I am deeply honored to be included in this absolutely stunning collection. Featuring two of my poems “Bestial I Be” and “The Glow Conspires” as well as 30 other breathtaking points of view on the soul of music–don’t miss out on this fantastic journey into the minds of several lyrical individuals.

I have my copies, look out and order yours! Edited and published by the uber mastermind and talent Tara Caribou and her Raw Earth Ink imprint.

The Poets Symphony will be available May 15 on Amazon and it’s available now on Lulu.

Stay safe out there and be just as smart as you are kind in these difficult times. We’re all in this together, don’t forget that.


Two of my poems (Bestial I Be & The Glow Conspires) are featured in this beautiful anthology! Pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can already buy it on Lulu and have it in about a week by their shipping standards. I am so grateful to have my poetry beside the works of so many out of this world talents. Life is wonderful sometimes.

Here are the links you can use to buy and share:

Lulu (paperback)

Barnes and Noble (paperback)

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (Kindle)


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