Wolfwinter by Deadman’s Tome

Look at that beauty! Wow.

I am pleased to announce the release of Wolfwinter by Deadman’s Tome featuring plenty of werewolf tales by a plethora of authors that you can really sink your teeth into, including one short story by me!

My story is called The Last Lizard Tail. What does that even mean? Read the book to find out, why don’t cha.

Featuring the works of

Lela E Buis
Glen Damien Campbell
Lynne Conrad
James Eldred
A L King
Pete Mesling
DJ Tyrer

The cover is by Damascus Mincemeyer, who also has a story inside.

E-book is 99 cents to help quell boredom during quarantine. Paperback just 10 bucks!

Check it out and give a shout out to any of the authors or the publisher if you like it or any of the stories in it!

Purchase here.

Sneak Preview:


HATE by Black Hare Press

This bad boy filled with 100 word drabbles features me and plenty of other authors who brought their absolute A-game. Preorder HATE: A Dark Microfiction Anthology (Dark Drabbles Book 8) by Black Hare Press today!

With so many immeasurably creative and ever succinct stories, you can’t miss out! Coming soon on March 17th!


21st Century Freedom

My short story featuring a young body builder hell-bent on quitting his regimented lifestyle and living a new life of decadence is out now, serialized in 6 parts for Weird Mask Zine.

Pretty excited about this story being published. It’s a darkly comedic attempt at an R-rated Kafkaesque trip through a man’s mind, and a lot of it rhymes! So if that sounds fun and you like transgressive horror fiction, check it out and share it, please.

Part 1 available here.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3 here.

Part 4 here.

Part 5 here.

Finale here.


Great company to be in!


Vamp Cat has released their “Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble” issue for this October, featuring my little story about a sentient disembodied skull named Ca$h Money.

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

—William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Read it here and then keep the spirit flowing by checking out the rest that this Spook-tacular issue has to offer!


Deep Fried Horror Father’s Day Anthology

Peep on over to Deadman’s Tome’s Patreon to nab a copy of this Father’s Day Horror Anthology, featuring my short story, She Breaks The Skin.

Dad will let you hold the remote if you do.

Edited on 6/16/2019:

So, it is finally Father’s Day and since I have a story in this Father’s Day Edition of Deep Fried Horror – buy a copy and review it! It’d be a great 1st Father’s Day gift to me!

First link is for the e-zine.

Click here for the paperback copy.

I enjoy my copy with a plate of nachos.