The Creators Perspective

***EDIT on 12/26/2020: In the podcast episode, I mentioned an upcoming novella written by me and that it was to be released by a specific publishing house. That is no longer accurate as I asked to be released from my contract and to their credit the press did just that. Apologies for any confusion this … Continue reading The Creators Perspective

Big Thrill Roundtable

Oct. 29 - Nov. 4th Tristan Drue Rogers will be participating in The Big Thrill's Roundtable discussing whether authors regret killing off their characters. Check back throughout the week to see what he and many other authors have to say. Here is my opening response: When any writer, perhaps especially authors as they can no … Continue reading Big Thrill Roundtable

Literary License Podcast (The Season of The Witch)

The Literary License Podcast, hosted by Keith E B Chawgo and Jon Wilson (Vickie Rae was regrettfully unavailable), invited myself and Rob Kirby, the award winning cartoonist of Curbside, to speak about two very different but great films entailing witches. This is my second time on the show, the first you can find links to … Continue reading Literary License Podcast (The Season of The Witch)