The Creators Perspective

***EDIT on 12/26/2020: In the podcast episode, I mentioned an upcoming novella written by me and that it was to be released by a specific publishing house. That is no longer accurate as I asked to be released from my contract and to their credit the press did just that. Apologies for any confusion this … Continue reading The Creators Perspective

The Poets Symphony

I am deeply honored to be included in this absolutely stunning collection. Featuring two of my poems "Bestial I Be" and "The Glow Conspires" as well as 30 other breathtaking points of view on the soul of music--don't miss out on this fantastic journey into the minds of several lyrical individuals. I have my copies, … Continue reading The Poets Symphony

BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE music video by Rocky Montgomery

Best Times of my Life music video by Rocky Montgomery Beat produced by Cookin Soul Video Directed by Tristan Drue Rogers Rocky Montgomery links Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: YouTube: Director - Tristan Drue Rogers links Website:

Hit Em Up Style Ep 3a: Dojo of the Mind 

Watch Damon Montgomery discuss his favorite tunes to workout to as well as his Top 5 favorite songs to get amped to from an eclectic range of movie soundtracks and features on Hit Em Up Style Ep. 3a: Dojo of the Mind - Music Edition This has got to be the most fun we've seen … Continue reading Hit Em Up Style Ep 3a: Dojo of the Mind