Tunnel Vision 

So these Vlogs are meant for the First of the Month, but as you can tell I spent my 1st of July through the weekend in Dallas, TX far far away from Las Vegas, NV with a close friend and someone I deeply love. I annoyed the hell out of everyone by filming when I could, but I was on a mission to switch up this Vlog format. Hopefully I did just that while still crafting a visually pleasing reason to waste 15 minutes of your time.

This is dedicated to my muse, my subject, my Sarah – don't hate me too much for this haha I warned ya!

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AntiSocial music video by Rontheartist 

The almighty Las Vegas-based rapper Rontheartist got hold of me to visualize and direct an artistically worthy piece to accompany his music.

It’s a real grimy, but playful piece. Bizarre in every way and certainly unlike most videos you see today in hip hop. Look beyond the bravado and in his voice you’ll hear an artist hungry to prove his talent by doing everything he told you while saying it atop a beat.

Check it out!

Rontheartist links

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronntheartist/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ronniebass
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Early Morning Confessional

It’s The 1st of the Month Vlog! Every 1st I will attempt to have a vlog of sorts so as to open up myself to the world in between photography, videography, and directing gigs, as well as the unsavory work I do to support it (you’ll see in the video). This one is titled Early Morning Confessional.

So this is my 1st vlog. I’ll try another go as I head to Texas and then back to Nevada, that time with my Canon camera as opposed to my iPhone 6s Plus.

Anyway, I hope it’s at least somewhat interesting haha

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Hit Em Up Style Ep 3a: Dojo of the Mind 

Watch Damon Montgomery discuss his favorite tunes to workout to as well as his Top 5 favorite songs to get amped to from an eclectic range of movie soundtracks and features on Hit Em Up Style Ep. 3a: Dojo of the Mind – Music Edition

This has got to be the most fun we’ve seen Damon have so far – and it’s certainly the funniest episode yet. 

Check it.


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Hit Em Up Style Ep 1: The Martial Artist

Damon Montgomery and Tristan Drue Rogers have a discussion concerning martial arts, the Mount Rushmore of Kung Fu, a controversy concerning some radical turtles, and more all to inspire ourselves and teach others the forward way in which we are coming to create our short film FORMLESS: A MARTIAL ARTS STORY.

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Thank you and enjoy!