The Hawthorne Project

My wife Sarah and I wrote a short story together for this anthology. It is our first full collaboration. Our story is called The Hole Truth in the Yellow House. An excerpt from that story is at the bottom of this post. Edited, designed, and conceived of by Tara Caribou. The Hawthorne Project is published … Continue reading The Hawthorne Project

Literary License Podcast (The Circus of Dr. Lao)

So, dear readers and truly dastardly misteeders, I have had the fortune of co-hosting an episode of the fantastic Literary License Podcast with Keith Chawgo, Vickie Rae, and Jon Wilson. This episode's topic is The Circus of Dr. Lao book as well as the film counterpart The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, where I will … Continue reading Literary License Podcast (The Circus of Dr. Lao)