My work is often macabre and filled with somber emotions best juxtaposed with the need to discover something beyond everyday life, whether that be in the form of happiness or some other, long sought after, and perilously attained goal. The difficultly in discovering new and albeit succinct language, makes my work all the more adventurous in theory and hopefully execution. Humor being my saving grace, or the worn out path to my relaxed and utterly unenthused damnation, I am forced to look at my life experiences as poetry written in the blood of my enemies, seen in the eyes of a fairy tale princess, and uttered by a cantakerous, guffawing, flat backed mule. Every day is a new cut, a new bleeding, and a new scar, while I quite merrily enjoy the power that endorphins give to my body and that the words that pierce give to our minds.

His work has appeared in OPEN Journal of Arts and Letters, Ink & Sword Magazine, as well as the Greenville Herald-Banner.

His novel BROTHERS OF BLOOD is available at Black Rose Writing as of July 19th, 2018.

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