The Creators Perspective

***EDIT on 12/26/2020: In the podcast episode, I mentioned an upcoming novella written by me and that it was to be released by a specific publishing house. That is no longer accurate as I asked to be released from my contract and to their credit the press did just that. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.***

A few days ago, I had the honor of being asked and welcomed to appear on The Way Of The Fat Dragon Podcast with Rocky Montgommery.

Those that have paid attention and followed my work for a while now will know that Rocky and I had on multiple occasions collaborated within many different mediums. We started out doing martial arts videos until we got a little more adventurous to include music videos for his music (as he is an incredibly talented rapper), short films, and often discussed possible full feature productions as well.

We met in Las Vegas and even though I now reside in East Texas, we have always stayed in touch and attempted to uplift each other’s work. I interviewed him a year back at Genre Urban Arts. An interview that is no longer up due to that site completely messing up and deleting all past contributor posts. I still eagerly await his new music, which was the main topic of that first interview.

Link to his previous albums here.

Now that Rocky has started a podcast, that I honestly believe is one of the best pieces of content out there right now–seriously, subscribe to it if you like sports, hip-hop, and talking shit–it was finally time for Rocky to return the favor.

I had a blast.

Listen to The Way Of The Fat Dragon anywhere you listen to podcasts. Here’s a link to the Anchor cast.


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