Merry Murders

~Jingle bells, killings are swell fa la la la la la la la la ~


“This novel reminds me of what Less Than Zero would be like had it been written by Chuck Palahniuk.”

– The Platform author, Alex Bernstein


“Rogers’ talent as a writer becomes bolder and more apparent with every page, as Belle grows older and is left to her own devices. It’s a horrifically realistic picture of a fraction of today’s youth without parental influence.”

– A Taste of Home author, C. Derick Miller


Join Belle and Beau Whynecrow this Christmas as they discover for better or worse that which influenced their past shall certainly inform their future. Murders, friends, mayhem, and twisted humor drive this touching story between a band of merry misfits called Brothers, with only one year left before disbanding off to college, and a biological family still struggling to come back from the mistakes of their eldest. The family that kills together lives forever in Brothers of Blood by Tristan Drue Rogers.


Buy the book today. Available in paperback and Kindle.

–Image design by Sabrina Zbasnik–

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