What A Life

A sad day indeed, true believers!

My first introduction to Stan “The Man” Lee was his narration of the PS1 Spider-Man game. He was bombastic, elaborate, and poppy with every word, easily taking over the mind of a young teenager about to have his world turned upside down by the deep and ever shifting mythology of Marvel Comics. I may write novels and short stories now, but before that I wrote unrealized comic books starring monkey bounty hunters in the deep south and rock stars fighting through the apocalypse. If it wasn’t for this man, along with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bill Finger, Sam Keith, Neil Gaiman, Chris Claremount and many more, I don’t know where I would have begun as not just a writer or artist, but a human being.

Long live the creators who have influenced us! Thank you for putting a face on creations so that I could have discovered many more. These weren’t just comic books, these were works of art made by a team of creators and they have done more for me than I could ever describe. You will be sorely missed. Excelsior! – TDR

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