Debut Authors Interview and more!

The ever graceful Elena Hartwell has been kind enough to feature my novel Brothers of Blood on her new blog series about debut authors recently registered with ITW.

Alongside the novelist and poet Kit Frit as well as the series award winning author Matt Goldman, I discuss the book and my journey to find a publisher.

Check it out here.


Also, for this month’s E-book Cover Design Awards, David King’s contribution to Brothers of Blood receives some praise by The Book Designer site.


Also Also!

The Thrill Begins has given a spotlight to BoB on their site for debut authors (including more than I) from July/August. Check it out here.


The Big Thrill has elected to include a small feature with the book and a mini-interview with myself for their October issue. It just so happens to include a cover feature with R. L. Stine of Goosebumps fame! Ugh, life is crazy.

I don’t know WHY I chose what I did for my author photo. Jeez.

Check it out here.



Don Massenzio invited me over for his 2018 Author Interview series.


Q: If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

TDR: I’d tell him to keep reading, put down everything, ignore your friends, don’t go out so much, never listen to anyone, but pay attention, fall in love more, back down a bit more, stand up for yourself, write for the sake of writing, continuously explore new music and go to as many shows as possible, listen to people when they speak, even listen to their silence, dance more, lose yourself, and never forget that the world may be hard, unwavering, and terrible to so many different types of people, that even as you witness it, never be an observer. If you see something wrong, act. Actions, whether this is cliché or not, do speak louder than words. Be creative with interpreting that, too.

Read the rest here.


Purchase Brothers of Blood here.

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