Tooting the horn of which is mine that was already tooted

I’m not going to go out of my way to post reviews of my work, either positive or negative, on this blog, but it is remarkably distracting and simply neat-o that the first review Brothers of Blood has been given is one that is both favorable and in the freaking dearly departed newspaper.

The Herald Banner.

Personal favorite, “… most of the dialogue in the novel is written in street slang, of which I possess only basic knowledge. (I referenced the urban dictionary on more than one occasion for clarity.) This is not a strike against the book by any means, as language in the best of modern literature evolves over time; if you need reassurance on my opinion about that, just read Herman Melville.

Thanks to C. Derick Miller for being rediculous in kindness and, I hope, honesty as well.

Here is the online link.

Buy Brothers of Blood here.

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