MB Literary Agency

It's official as MB Literary says on my bio page:

"Tristan Drue Rogers is an American based writer, photographer, and filmmaker. His works intend to devastate with an extreme sense of honesty and humor. He has taken it upon himself to never use the description of "master" and instead to always be a student; ever changing, without a set style, and always striving for that iconic flair no matter if the desired look is gritty, pristine, or just out of this world and bizarre. He also one day hopes to have a pet pig to take with him on his adventures."

About the book BROTHERS OF BLOOD:

"Belle Whynecrow and her oldest brother, Beau, attend their father’s funeral, inciting a bloodlust in Beau that trickles down onto the impressionable Belle. Eventually, Beau’s antics lead him to prison and their mother flees the state with her daughter in order to shield Belle and allow her to lead a simple life. Already too late, Belle obsesses over the teaching of her oldest brother, deciding to create her own brotherhood as she awaits his arrival back into her heart and into the lives of her unwilling victims. This brotherhood becomes a surrogate family to her, they themselves calling her “brother” as she leads them to victory over many terrible crimes.

Beau shows up at her doorstep a devout man of God, looking to change his life and prove to his family that his time in prison changed him not just as a man, but as a human being. This doesn’t bold well with Belle, who immediately begins crafting a plan that could lead Beau headfirst into or against the brotherhood that his sister built specifically for him to thrive in."

Link to my bio and their website here.


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