First let me say that I don’t know why I’m sharing this. It isn’t like I’m still doing this style of … whatever it is. I just like it even though it’s easy to hate, too.

When I was 17 years old, living in the RGV of South Texas, I was commissioned by this shitty reggae cover band Driver-23 to make a poster for them where they would perform at the now defunct Newman’s Bar & Grill in McAllen, TX. I was given 3 days, so with such little time (and perhaps too little talent), I approached them with this finished design print. They had informed me that someone else made them a poster for free and so they went with that piece of which I’ve never laid eyes on. I charged $75. I get it, but damn I stressed hard trying to finish this. Wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t struck out so hard upon my first go at bat? The forks in our roads. 


Oh, and this, too I created for my mother to have … something for her framed tickets with the headliners being Alice In Chains (after Lane Staley died and was replaced. They only did covers at that time and it was impressive how well he could sound exactly like the fucking recordings. Those harmonies!) Hurt opened for them. I loved Volume 1 and their second album Volume 2.

Idk. I was super young. I haven’t attempted drawing professionally since maybe I was 21 or 22. Wow. That’s crazy. I have boxes filled with illustrations.


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