Truck/Bus Hotel

I was out scouting in Henderson (nearby Las Vegas) for a few exterior shots to a music video that I finished shooting principle photography for just today when I happened upon this Truck/Bus graveyard hotel thingamajig seemingly beyond the quite discerning DO NOT ENTER and faded STOP signs posted to a feeble excuse for a fence. It was thrilling to walk through one of the buses attached to the centipede-like construction, although an air of sadness permeated the desert landscape wedged between the mountainous terrain and an apartment complex a few yards away, I still didn’t know what to think, so I just shot the film I needed and then hurried to take a few photos before the sunlight began to visit the other side of the earth.

Reminded me of an elephant graveyard, but obviously for automobiles. I wonder if anyone lives here? Certainly not this time of year, right?


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