About Me

My work both behind the camera and in ink, in the hopes of telling a complete story, is intended as experimental and confrontational, but absolutely in direct conversation with those in front of the camera or of those reading it on paper. I’ve taken it upon myself to never use the description of “master” and instead to always be a student; ever changing, without a set style, and always striving for that iconic flair no matter if the desired look is gritty, pristine, or just out of this world and bizarre.

Devastation is beauty. Imperfection is a portmanteau of I am and perfection. Blood is gorgeous. The world is terrible. I will not shy away from sin, but neither shall I force decrepit views into positive spaces.

Honesty is my goal. If I should fail, it was a helluva ride and before I fall into the crud of the earth, I’ll be sure to make an impact. What kind of impact isn’t for me to decide.

Email me for any reason at all (photo shoots, music videos, collabs, photography, whatever really – I’m all over the place as a freelancer with an admitted amount of aim) at tristandruerogers@gmail.com

Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Recipient of the Nevada Arts Council Public Art Grant for Southern Nevada 2017

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