Heroes & Legends 

Look, I’m a young dude myself, but when I hear these young artists dissing the legends that came before them; the ones that broke through and made what they do acceptable, or even if they were so weird you had to over analyze it until it became who you are, and so obviously influenced who they are I just lay my head down in shame. It’s not about respecting your elders, it’s about respecting history. We all learn from it if our mind’s right.

If you say that you have no influences, YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. 
My biggest influences as a kid outside of my mother:

  • Super Mario told me that you better go through hell or high water to protect your loved ones 
  • Katamari Damacy the PS2 game directed by Keita Takahashi made me weird, then Metal Gear’s Hideo Kojima curated my dedication to storytelling, and The Shadow of Colossus by Fumito Ueda brought an artistry to my world I never knew 
  • Eminem helped me battle my demons and learn to analyze them with words. Finally, I wasn’t the only one.
  • Biggie showed me I could be ugly in my mind and if I had talent then fuck the haters 
  • Pac taught me to stick to my guns
  • Sherlock Holmes allowed me to use my mind and quirky sensibility to make it through any obstacle
  • Bruce Lee showed me that there is a better way to life than fighting it solely with your fists
  • Walt Disney and his team of animators taught me that magic was indeed real
  • Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones turned my eyes inside out and lead me to John K of Ren and Stimpy fame
  • Kurt Cobain let me be me
  • 50 Cent gave me new life by bringing back the SPORT of hip hop 
  • Deejay Lo taught me to never give up on my dreams no matter how far in life you become, it can always be a reality
  • Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman taught me that words are so much more than for telling people what you’re eating on one particular day
  • Wolverine said that he’s more than the sum of his parts
  • Buster Keaton proved silence could mean more than words
  • Amelia Gray showed me that weird doesn’t mean sacrificing structure, intelligence, and balance in storytelling
  • Batman taught me about family when I had none (read the comics!)
  • Snoop Dogg is the absolute proof that anyone can change and still not forget where they came from 
  • David Fincher branded in my soul that the ugly truths are so sharp in imagery that you may not even see them 
  • Regina Spektor let me experiment with sounds and words and listening pleasures
  • The Beatles showed me that beauty can have an edge to it
  • The Rock taught me that every man should know how to cook
  • Jackie Chan made me a believer in sacrificing for your art and to always find humor in fucked up situations
  • Ice Cube taught me to Fuck Tha Police
  • Hercules pointed out that there is more to being a god than omnipotence 
  • Superman was the standard a man had to carry himself by
  • Marilyn Manson opened my eyes to the world and how easily things are misunderstood
  • Spider-man told me with great power comes great responsibility 
  • Shiguero Miyamoto taught me about innovation
  • Suda 51 strengthened the weirdness inside me even further
  • Hayao Miyazaki brought a whole new world to my eyes
  • Sam Keith curated the ugly truths in a fantastical fashion
  • Wonder Woman is what I already knew: women are warriors
  • Frank Frazetta taught me about negative space
  • Janis Joplin was a beast
  • Mel Blanc told me to talk to the voices in my head
  • Meryl Streep gave me reason to believe that hard work and talent will get you respect
  • Layne Stayley kicked my teeth in with his pain and helped me understand mine
  • Tim Rogers and Leigh Alexander helped me learn to over analyze no matter what others say in terms of art and science and I am forever grateful 
  • Godzilla proved that speaking with your actions can bring redemption no matter how bad you fucked shit up before
  • Lauryn Hill taught me that hip hop was an art and not just a sport
  • Robin Williams taught me the beauty of following your instincts no matter how vulnerable it could make you
  • Dr. Seuss showed me that silliness can be lifesaving 
  • Bill Watterson taught me to find the off putting in the cartoon world that is our own and to laugh it off
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is probably why #pizzaislife
  • Harper Lee taught me that there really is such a thing as perfection, but the cracks are what make it so 



And the list goes on. Respect the legend, realize the person, and grow from there.

EDIT: This was originally posted on Facebook and oh mah gawd I got a reply from Deejay Lo (a personal friend, so nothing too crazy) AND Amelia Gray!!!!

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