Ski Mask Way music video by Rocky Montgomery 

I directed and edited this music video! I’m very proud of it – Rocky straight killed it. Hip hop at its finest.

Beattrunk review:

“Hip Hop Spotlight! Here’s the new video “Ski Mask Way” from Rocky Montgomery, Damon Montgomery formally known as “D-Rock”! I posted on him before. He reps the West to the fullest with an aggressive flow and lyricism that’s surely missed in this era of Hip Hop! I like how he comes with that raw energy of an Artist who still has that hunger and drive to compete. From his lyricism, to the beats, to his style, you can’t go wrong with Rocky!”



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Hit Em Up Style Ep 3a: Dojo of the Mind 

Watch Damon Montgomery discuss his favorite tunes to workout to as well as his Top 5 favorite songs to get amped to from an eclectic range of movie soundtracks and features on Hit Em Up Style Ep. 3a: Dojo of the Mind – Music Edition

This has got to be the most fun we’ve seen Damon have so far – and it’s certainly the funniest episode yet. 

Check it.


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Las Vaudeville 

Last night in downtown Las Vegas I attended the Las Vaudeville event sent up by the I.S.I. Group and hosted by the Bunkhouse Saloon. There was comedy, hip hop, rock, belly dancing, jewelry, art, and so much more. I really appreciate that I had the chance to go. They kept it going until 1:00 AM, but me being the old man I’m growing into, I couldn’t last that long. I did my best to last!

Met a lot of amazing artists and performers. It really was a blast.

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Anyway, here are the highlights of my time there.


Hassan Hamilton

Brother Mister

Marie Valencia

Sara Lyn Anderson

Geneva E. Marquez

The First Sun

Christopher Panic Love aka Deviant Twine

And here’s a bunch of miscellaneous photos that I took along the way.

Fallen Spring Leaves

Recently received a new lens, so without a model to test it out, I simply stepped in front myself. It was weird, but what a deeply colored nature shot. Me likey.

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More to come soon!

Thank you!

– TDR