Tilting the Basin Art Show

Went to the Tilting the Basin Art Show grand opening on March 17th at the Arts Distric in Las Vegas. Took some cool pics of the art, too.

“No” by Galen Brown

“Trees” by Galen Brown

“Untitled” by Brent Sommerhauser with some fine art folk in front

“Untitled (Glitter Bud Light Cans, 6 Pack)” by Justin Favela

Checking out more art by David Ryan

“Stack #5” by David Ryan

Perhaps discussing David Ryan’s “418 W. Mesquite-3”

By Mathew Couper and JK Russ

A gathering of artists and thinkers

“Untitled” and “Kissing the Bee” by Rebekah Bogard

“Kissing the Bee” and “Untitled” by Rebekah Bogard

“Lake Bodom” by Sean Slattery

“Shell Lake” by Sean Slattery

“100 Days of Drawing – What I Eat” by Eunkang Koh

Root that Mountain Down (II) by Sarah Lillegard

“Bridge the Gap” by Gig Depio

To learn more about the show, go and visit their site for more details here.

Also, check out my Instagram to see more of my photography work or to DM for rates/shoots.
Thank you.

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