Stranger Than Friendship

Stranger Than Friendship follows two LGBT women at the halfway mark of their age well into their decades long friendship as they struggle to find stability in their hectic everyday lives, while stranded in a city they had no dreams of ever residing in. Throw in a newly minted friendship, the unexpected arrival of a 27 year old son, a devastating breakup, and the death of the family dog to discover what it’s really like to see through the eyes of wisdom, despair, humor, and misplaced ambition.

This documentary is an accumulation of many things. One being that of a lifelong fascination with film. Another based upon the very foundation of family and friendship that my mother imbued into me since I was a child. The other was discovering and setting out for a story worth telling no matter how difficult it would become. This is my family. We are a small group, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in tenacity and creative perseverance.

A little story about this film: This is actually my second attempt at filming Stranger Than Friendship. Like foolish boys so often do, I made a mistake. Firstly, I didn’t back up any of my scratch files, so soon they became corrupted. Secondly, both adventures in shooting this documentary were filmed on an iPhone 6s Plus. Both edited on iMovie. This one was the first production to make it to sound, which I edited on the Splice App. If you look at the run time of this film, you’ll see that it is well over two hours long. That was my biggest mistake. It taught me much and threw me to the curb on several occasions, but learning to throw an artistic endeavor made quite unabashedly by blood, sweat, and tears onto the cutting room floor was my greatest lesson. I am proud of this film. My second-first film. Although nothing could compare to my first love, I believe that we have made something worth sitting through and talking about even days after viewing it.

Thank you to anyone who watches this and if you enjoy it, please like, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’d help me a lot. (I know, gross, huh? Gotta start self-promoting now. I need to take a shower after that one.)


Brandon Lee Rogers for providing additional videos.

Apple Support for answering ALL of my questions.

Tiffany Doesken and Alysia Davis from the Introduction to Film program at the San Francisco Art Institute for throwing kindle to the fire that was and still is my dream to make films. I don’t know what my short experience at that school would have been without you two and Tiffany’s class.

Jeff Rosenstock from the Beginning Film Production program also at the San Francisco Art Institute for laughing at the thought of making a movie with an iPhone. I truly appreciate that moment, now more than ever.

The Santiago family for providing a loving scene to film.

Sarahann Walker for everything, girl. I always gotta thank ya.

And mostly to Andrea, Lisa, and Nene for taking the time to shoot this baby on several occasions and for being honest with the camera every damn second.



Additional information: all of the music is either fair use or owned by their respective holders.


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