Westworld Ep. 8 “Trace Decay” & Ep. 9 “You Broke My Mind”

I like this show, but do I?

It’s well photographed, plain in some parts, yet occasionally extraordinary.

The acting is perfect.

The costume design feels organic. Although Dolores can sometimes look a little doll-like in her attire. Perhaps that’s the intention.

The sound is bonkers, to be honest. The recurring old west instrumentals of pop songs was cute at first – now it takes me out of the story as I have to dig into my mind to guess which artist they’re covering. Besides the opening (which is fine) I cannot for the life of me remember any original score.

I think it’s the writing that bothers me. The characters have been written well, some more than others, and yet I’m ambiguous to the plotting. Every story leads to a revelation, or they eventually did, where world building seems to be the name of the game, and outside of the hosts I don’t really know the motivations of anyone. Maybe episode 10 will iron that out. I’ve yet to watch it. It’s been crazy getting comfortable with working grave shift and finding time to sit down and watch anything anyway. 

Whenever an episode ends I cannot help but be underwhelmed. Maybe it was my expectations or the fact that I expect so much from Jonathan Nolan since Christopher had him writing the best parts of certain stories only to ruin them with sentimentality and other such rubbish. I never did watch his last show, though. Television is a different kind of beast and perhaps episodic storytelling still has a ways to go without feeling like a wasted hour is a wasted hour. Maybe if I waited it out and binged watched it I’d feel different.

I’m down to be proven wrong whenever I watch the next episode. Wow me, though, or I’m skipping season 2. 


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