Fear the Status Quo

So! a 60 year old Trump supporter is getting wasted at this bar – sadly, no priests or popes in this story – that I’m having a beer at and he’s all alone with me as well as the bartender. While I’m being my usually friendly, admittedly loner, self, this gentleman gets in my face and threatens to kill me “in 10 seconds” when all I did was smile and ask him to keep talking about his life story as I sipped on my beer, the same story that he would likely have kept talking about whether I asked or not. He brought me into this – of course, I’m white, looking the part of an intolerant ass if you discount my age. Apparently, he is a Vietnam vet.

He said fuck that bitch – referring to Hillary – on multiple occasions without anyone saying anything about her to instigate. That includes the bartender and I. 

This is my country. Politeness and respect are preached about, even by this guy who told me he was a green beret maybe twenty times since I arrived an hour ago, but that same dignity isn’t given to those who are of a different state of mind and lifestyle.

He said we should have killed that “nigger” – Obama – throughout this bullshit.

Strangely, he tried to buy me a beer. Work through your shit, guy. If I prayed, I’d pray for you and your obviously sad soul instead of whining about it on here.

But yep, it is what it is.

I will respect my President and see how he handles the coming term, but it’s a little hard to respect those who voted for this man when this stuff happens.

I don’t know. I just wanted one beer because I walked a long distance to get here after a successful job Interview.

EDITED Twenty minutes after this post:

Now he’s fighting with the bartender, his friend of 20 years, and of Afghani descent. The WHITE veteran referred to him as “intolerant.”

Wow. Color me embarrassed not as a white man, but as a white UNITED STATES citizen.

This post was originally published, against my better judgment, punctuation, and grammar, on Facebook. 

EDIT: He also brought up and then redacted that he had a gun.


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