911 Check-up

Recently, I’ve had to deal with the impending doom of my lower back muscles. All my jobs have entailed heavy lifting and of course I work out since I live in the day and age where you are absolutely the most unhealthy of sloths if you don’t lift, plus my family history is prone to achey breaky back attacks.

I scheduled an appointment for the day after, attempting to ask questions about the visit to no avail. The receptionist on the phone told me she can’t answer any questions and that she’s just the scheduling department. I should have known how odd that was. Walked in the next day, wasn’t scheduled, and I needed to pay upwards of $250 just for the consultation which I was assured would be free. Nope. Limped out of there until we decided to just wobble my way into the emergency room. All in all it didn’t cost much, but I do need to pursue insurance options once I can sit down before the computer long enough with wanting to whelp uncontrollably like a beaten downtrodden dog creature thing.

So, I’ve been prescribed medicine. Not the good-good stuff for smiles, but I’m hoping it’ll help. My job as a “mover” may not last long if this keeps up. The doctor recommended that I take a week off from work which saddens me as well as my wallet.

Less work hopefully means more reading and writing. I’m finishing up The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian for banned books month (or is it week?). The past handful of books that I’ve attempted to lose myself into haven’t done anything at all for me but hand out contempt after I put them away, so I’m making myself finish this no matter what. At least young adult novels are easier to just jump into. The next offering that I’ll devour is Black Wings has my Angel. My girlfriend bought it for me and I hope it’s everything that I’ve built it into inside my head. Let’s just say that expectations are ungodly high for this one.

Concurrently, I seem to be writing three novels and whatever this one story may end up as about a character motivated super villain containment facility. It’s a weird one, lending itself to ridiculous wordplay and untapped storytelling possibilities – at least when compared to my previous works.

All in all the past few months have been busy. Good? Bad? Nah. Just busy.

Sent my manuscript to a few more publishers today. I’ve exhausted my resources on that. Here’s hoping. Here’s to lying and believing in prayer for the chance. Here’s to whatever comes next.

I just need a sign.


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