Struggling with Rejection

This morning I had received a rejection letter for a random no big deal short story submission about a fascinating work experience of which I sent a last minute restructuring its way. Yes, I could have spent more time on it. Yes, I did enjoy writing it. And yes, it brought an irritatingly gargantuan weight to the pit of my stomach.

  But when the clouds form and the thunderstorms roar, soon shall the sun rise from the other side of the planet to lend a helpful hand in dissipating the muck by first painting a spotlight above it before drying it out for the wind to pull it out of the forefront where it will remain where it belongs — backstage. 

I have decided to release the failed submission as a serious. I will be posting it in little chunks for easy reading, knowing how busy we can be in this never resting world. So I do hope that anyone reading it enjoys it – practically the opposite of what that publication did. 

Eh, fuck ’em.

Longnecks to Swallow: A day in the life of a Bus Boy

Coming soon!

– T.D.


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