Throw Away NOTHING

Recently, I read a submission guideline detailing a request for short nonfiction stories regarding an interesting and exciting experience at a previous or current workplace. I wondered what I could write with such little time before my work as a physical laborer *cough*mover*cough*, inbetween errands, or quality girlfriend time as well as reading and the writing I already set aside time for. I mean I had worked for a chocolate factory, a junkyard collection company, retail, and the list goes on! What could I possibly compact into a necessary read?

BUT then I remembered that I had a failed 30-page treatment for a novel somewhat spanning the five years time that I worked as a bus boy for a small upstart bar and grill in McAllen, TX. 

Six pages in and while it has many expletives and grungy behavior inspired by the people (and myself) working there, I think it may be a winner.

Moral is: Don’t throw away your useless old work. It could somehow, someday (four years later for this one) be of some use.


P.S. Now to condense these 30 pages below the 6,000 word limit. Ugh.


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