Travel Log #1 

So this is it. Tomorrow morning my gal and I will be heading out from Las Vegas, Nevada to the state that we call home in Denton, Texas. Along the way we will likely visit a petrified forest, perhaps a museum featuring the work of Georgia O’Keeffe (!), and at least one hotel room if we can’t help it.

As I type this I prepare for my last workout before the trip – this may be my last workout for a long while if I don’t get a job soon enough to pay for a gym membership (rent being of more importance, so damn it all) – with a cup of coffee and a nibbling of a peanut butter cookie made so lovingly by my babe. We went to sleep arguing after watching the film Dear White People. I could have put money on that one I tell ya! She’s still asleep. We both need to get as much rest as we can before the trip. Afterward – after the trip – I will have traded my living space in the desert beside my mother and aunt for my woman’s college home (in a college town) beside two other ladies – my gal’s older sister and a cousin. I’ll be surrounded as I always have and that’ll be just fine.

This is Tristan Drue signing off. I’m feeling the coffee already. Time to get my muscles strained as a writer never has before. Then loading up the car. Making it up to the love of my life if she’ll hear what I have to say. And to say goodbye to my mother. We both aren’t ready for such a “so long and nice to see ya.” I’m on a journey to discover what kind of man I am, while she is slowly stepping toward her own independence. Good luck to us both.

Good luck to us all, my loves.

See you when I see you.


P.S. I’ve got new glasses (not shown in pic) at the insistence of my girlfriend, Sarahann. I’m feeling a little more confident in the drive now. It’s been – what? – like four or five years since I’ve had an eye exam. Blurry be gone!

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