Precursor to Travel Log

A few breezy, but dry years ago, I moved from southern Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada. Later that year, I moved back, driving to Texas to start my life as far away from my family as possible. You know how kids are. Then after only nine or so months of stumbling through a lifestyle consisting of hard work and partying even harder, I moved, flying by plane (some cars don’t last as long as others), to be with my family once more. Now that family is a broken home (it’s for the best and I honestly believe that) and I see it as time not to run away as I did before, but to experience life as I have never imagined. Yes, I’m moving back to Texas, but this time it’s in a new town, with an old love, and without any tail between my legs. I wish the best to the mother that I’m leaving behind and I hope she knows that she’ll always be in my heart even if I’m worthless when it comes to showing how ridiculously true to my core she has influenced me. I love ya, ma.

To my aunt, I wish her all the peace and calmness she can acquire. I love you too – don’t forget that. And thank you for everything. Fucking thank you.

In a few weeks I’ll be heading off with my gal, taking a few stops along the way – maybe the Grand Canyon. There was something about a petrified forest fitting in there too. I’ll write about my travels along the way as I live life and try not to freak out about it. 

See you when I see you. 

– T.D.
P.S. I sent some crappy poetry to a contest with a pretty hefty prize and a short story of mine to a contest with a not so hefty but still much appreciated prize. They both offer possible publication. Fingers crossed!

Amelia Gray is judging a new competition for the Texas Observer, which is interesting. Time to turn the crank for me ol’ noggin’ or else things of some magnitude with blah blah I just need to write.



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