List: 10 Bits of Happiness

It has more often than not been said that reading from another person’s viewpoint can cause the reader to become more empathetic to the plight of others. While that can be true, often I find that it all depends on what topic or story enters the brain. Struggling with depression and other unwell forms of what I’ve learned to refer to as mental hygiene can cause a warped perception of any happily told tale as well. So, with that being said, I’ve decided to write a little list of things to not only remember that certain bits of life shouldn’t be taken for granted, but should pull a grin from the lips. Life is hard and it can be a tenacious devil if one forgets to smile at the beauty before them. 

  1. To start off: Oxygen. Honestly, where would we be without it? Sure, it can occasionally taste like toxic waste or flatulence, but it can also bring life to any day after a night of rainfall, opening the senses to a whole new variety of sensual nostril tickling. Without oxygen there could be no fire and who wants a world without rainfall and burning ember? Fireworks, lakes, beaches, smores, cigarettes, roasted chicken, and the list goes on. One day I hope to have a fireplace in my home where my family could stretch out upon the floor before it, telling stories and snuggling up as the cold battles the strength of mankinds design and we all discuss our place in the world.
  2. Conversation, good or bad, can always be enjoyable, but when another person flips their frown at you – even in passing – instantly, you can do the same to them. Smiles cause smiles and kind words do even more. The next time you see someone who smiles, they may be too shy to approach you, but there is goodness in their heart and could potentially carry a few kind words of their own. Never worry about how true or untrue this may be – accept it and perhaps the negativity will dissipate.
  3. The touch of another person. The touch of a family member. The touch of a loved one’s skin as it heats up beside you. When a kiss is given and received fireworks (fire!) go off in the brain and goosebumps form without having ever sprouted them before, whether from a roller coaster ride or scary movie, that is an amazing feeling. Don’t forget it in any variation. It will hold you tightly, but the memory is safety in itself.
  4. There is loyalty, there is love, there is betrayal, there is cheating, and there is spite as well as acceptance. None of these can be explained simply without losing information along the way, yet each of them should be considered a step into discovery and understanding of the world and the people in it. The fact that we have the option to make of it what we may, is an honor that we must cherish and protect.
  5. Babbling, like how certain bloggers – ahem – and writers alike lose track of what their main idea of exploration needed. Babbling is beautiful and strange and necessary to get the nothingness of thought to transform into the construction of critical thinking blah blah blah.
  6. One of the joys of my life has always been that I could see a person’s eyes, usually that of a gracious woman, light up at the site of someone or anything that brings them a joyful moment of their own. I can’t stress how much I love that, let alone when she widens those eyes at me.
  7. Promises. We can promise someone something and we can follow through with it! Not all pride is sinful, some pride may actually set precedence, so when a promise succeeds, dang.
  8. That feeling after a long day of hard work where we fall into slumberland atop our beds and the cold, unsoiled pillow welcomes us to a world of imagination and relaxation.
  9. Free samples. The best things in life are free, so they say, but a free sample is wonderful because realizing that what it looked like on the box is not how it tasted after some bored sample giver hands you the treat is a penny saver. We could do with anything that saves us money.
  10. Damn, I put a 10 in the title and nine would be a weird way to end it. I don’t know what else to add – this list could seemingly go forever since there is really a whole lot to enjoy in life and many reasons to point them all out. So, I suppose that if I am going to end this on any note it will be this: you can make mistakes. You can fuck up, but that’s okay even if it takes twenty times to learn from it. That’s okay. The world is a mistake. We shouldn’t have oxygen if you compare our planet to any other in the solar system. We shouldn’t have friendships and connection that stem out of enjoying each others company if you compare our species to that of any other top of the food chain beast. We shouldn’t have beds so crafted for our specific bodies and we shouldn’t have food to shop for as opposed to focusing on hunting. We can just be. I love that.

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