News: My First Shorty Story Collectory Submission

Obviously, I cannot name names of the many many many publications that have rejected the separately submitted six short stories that I deemed worthy of print publications (those not written for this site), nor may I do the same to the publication that I’ve now sent the entire collection to in one volume, but damn can I celebrate! Rejection, failure, or no reply at all won’t bring me down because I’ve worked my ass off to get here and it has been a long journey – some of the stories were written when I was 17, that is almost ten years to achieve the stamina and motivation to push through to this level. Whatever level this is, I am blessed by someone out there. It’s not all hard work, luck is absolutely involved in every choice our lives fork into.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I wrote a query letter for the collection and while it was obviously too long and I only edited it down after submitting the manuscript (ha – live and learn, “patience, young grasshopper”), I sent it anyway and am rather proud of how I kept the flowery dialogue to a minimum while still injecting flavor I would hope that enticed the query readers to continue on with the works described.

April 26, 2016 is the day that I begin to play catch up with my beta readers – or I’ll run circles around them, they have lives that distract from reading unlike this one writerly guy I know – for my full-length novel now that I’ve taken my usual month off from the work so as to read it fresh and without scabbing. Perhaps there are scars, but I pay for scars – no qualms there. And boy, dang, shoot, bonk-da-bonk, I’ll be free falling into the novel without a net. Luckily, I already wrote the query for it, so that is a ridiculous none issue. 

At least I’ve heard that it never takes a year to hear back. /end of sarcasm 


           Tristan Drue
P.S. Thank you to my family, my girlfriend, and anyone who’s had to listen to me about almost finishing that novel for the passed three years – I’m so sorry haha


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