Nice to Meetcha

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Tristan, pronounced like instant, only different – ha. Could you imagine?

Hello, my name is Tristan Drue and this is my blog of writerly things, such as words and junk, beautiful (perhaps even grotesque!) imagery, colored with musical hues and, if at all successful, a few paragraphs here and there that hum. Like, just the bee’s knees, man.


Look at that awkwardly posed man, that’s me! 

I am an unpublished novelist, short story writer, and poet of doggerel, with the occasional wicked rhyme (lies!). My first novel-length manuscript was finished a few days ago and I am currently in the process of lounging around, panicking, becoming agitated, and drinking far too much coffee as I await the reaction of the two beta readers that I’ve entrusted my livelihood – the very stardust sprinkled throughout my ancestral predisposition to drunkenly muck about – before I attempt any sort of communication with the agent-folk. I’d ask those out there to pray for me, but even God is given credit for writing the Bible, so never mind that nonsense. I don’t mean that the Bible is nonsense – oh, I’m already saying the wrong things. I’ve read the Bible, it’s a pretty good book.

Anywhoozles, I expect that I’ll return periodically with going ons, photographs of my journey to become an author, a bit of poetry (yeah, that’s how you get famous) as well as maybe even some damn fiction. Who knows? 

Oh, hell, he’s already posting rhetorical questions. Dang, now he’s speaking in third person. I hope he writes a happy end, and if not, it better be worth a second read.

Well, I’ll see you on the other page. Thanks for  the looksie.


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